Born 1982 in Oslo.
BA Photography from Falmouth University of Arts (2007)
Freelance photographer based in Oslo.

In 2005 I made it my task to find the absolute cheapèst place to lve in New York. The hotel I walked in to, marked the beginning of the never ending project Flophouse Amerika. Living permanently in hotel is the only alternative to sleeping on the streets.
The lifestyle has an extremely low social status, and the residents are looked down upon by tourists who happen to book here for a night or two. However, as the current economic situation continues to pressure families with a low income, and cities develop with only the wealthy in mind, the need of an affordable place to sleep is increasing everywhere. While in some states the hotels offer a stable and affordable room for years, others due to state laws force the residents to move out for 48hrs per week. This leaves hundreds of thousands with a sense of unease and continuing search for a place to call home.