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photographers from our previous festivals

Arctic Exhibition of Photographic Artarctic_exhibition_of_photographic_art

Arctic Exhibition of Photographic Art – the worlds northernmost and Norways only international photo competition. Arctic Exhibition has emerged from Bodø fotoklubb, and was arranged for the scond time in 2012. The competition is backed by the international photo organisations PSA, FIAP and UPI, and Arctic Exhibition will show a selction of the awarded photos from 2012.

Arnt Snevearnt_sneve

Arnt Sneve (1940-2012) was one of the pioners in Norwegian modern photography.
He visited Lofoten frequently, and after studying photography in England, he settled at Ramberg in Lofoten for a couple of years from 1972. This resulted in the photo-book “Lofoten” in 1973 (repreinted in 2006).

Lofoten internasjonale fotofestival will exhibit a private collection of Sneves original prints from this project at Reine kultursenter.

Anna Öhlundanna_ohlund

Anna studied art and photography over six years in both Norway and Sweden and is currently working within both genres. She does icesculptoring as well as photography, both artisticly and journalistic. Her biggest source of inspiration in nature and she loves spending time in the mountains skiing. The ability to work with both photography and sculptoring gives her the chance to evolve within the world of different expressions and dimensions. For the festival Anna will present and talk about her book «a warm story about a cold place» and her exhibition collaboration with lightning designer John Pettersson.

Anna Öhlund

Tom Hatlestadtom_hatlestad

Tom Hatlestad is a Norwegian photographer with a global view. In 2008-2009 he did a four months journey with his Land Rover from Oslo to Dakah in Bangladesh, in order to explore the concept of freedom. On the way he stopped and portrayed people, and asked them to share their experience of the word freedom. It resulted in “Tracing Freedom” – a series of portraits combined with the original texts and translations – which will now be presented as an outdoor exhibition at Reine Kultursenter. Tom wil be at the festival and will give a tour of “Tracing Freedom” in dialog with the audience.

Pål Hermansenpaal_hermansen

Pål Hermansen has since 1971 been working as a freelance photographer and writer. Since 1985 he has published 21 books (both text and photography). In addition he has written and/or supplied imagery for appr. 10 more books. Images have been published internationally by media as National Geographic Magazine, GEO (GEO Magazine /Special/ Saison/ GEOLino /GEO books), Conde Nast Traveler, Stern and Welt Am Sonntag. Pål is a photographer you will find it hard to define in one spesific genre. For the festival he will be presented in an artist talk where his many and different book projects will be the subject.

Kristin Folsland Olsenkristin_folsland

Kristin Folsland Olsen is a norwegian photographer and adventurer, born in Drammen and based in Kabelvåg. Works as a photographer, journalist and public lecturer. She has been a guide on Svalbard, trained sled dogs in Greenland, and has been on an 80 day ski expedition on Baffin Island with the Baffin Babes. Kristin spend most of her time in the mountains or at sea. Between trips, she contributes articles and photographs to various magazines, and she has co-authored several books. For LIFF she will show some of her work from the latest trip to South-Georgia and talk about how to combine the the l ife of an extreme adventurer and a photographer.

Alexandr Stepanenkoalexandr_stepanenko

Alexandr Stepanenko is born and raised in the Arctic Circle, in Kirovsk Murmansk region surrounded by the mountains, snow and Khibiny Tundra. Alexandr has been working as a photographer in the northern region since 1985 with both artisticly and more social matters. Among a wide range of differents projects Stepanenko has spent a great deal of time documenting what he refers to as «Sami Russia» wich is a project about the revival of self-consciousness of the sami people wich have been living Russia for centuries.

He will enlight the audience on the subject of photography and working environment special for the northern region. He will show some selected work and also be participating in the debate concerning northern areas and photojournalism.

Bruce Barnbaumbruce_barnbaum

Bruce Barnbaum is recognized as one of the finest darkroom printers on this planet, both through his exceptional b&w work, and also through his color imagery. His work is represented by more than ten galleries throughout the United States and Canada, and is in the collections of museums and private collectors worldwide. For LIFF he will present an exhibition with some of his finest landscapes and hold a lecture presenting his photographic views and darkroom techniques.

Tine Poppetine_poppe

Tine Poppe is a Norwegian photographer and graphic designer working with commercial, documentary and art photography. Currently and for the last five years she have been working freelance mainly with photography, doing assignments for publishing companies, design agencies, GEO’s and magazines. Previous to going independent, Tine was employed as a graphic designer and art director in advertising, design and publishing.

Paragon Featuresparagon_features

The agency consists of journalist Lars Andreas Ellingsgard Øverli and the two photojournalists Aleksander Andersen and Martin Slottemo Lyngstad. Together they form a new and innovative agency with their office and home based on a bus. The guys in Paragon Features will show some of their work from the ongoing project “Fra Ungdommen” wich is a multimedia project about the youth generation after the terror attack 22th of july 2011. They will tell more about the very unusual choice to work and live on the road.

Johanne Seines Svendsenjohanne_seines_svendsen

Johanne Seines Svendsen accomplished her Master of Art`s degree at the University of Trondheim in 2006, with a thesis on Norwegian History of Photography. Later she learned the technique of wet plate collodion during an internship in Barcelona, Spain, as part of her formal education as a Photographer. She now lives and works in Lofoten, where she has her studio and darkrooom in a caravan. For the festival Johanne will show some of her wet plate collodion portraits and also let the audience in on some of the technical processes considering the work with the wet plates. For the festival Johanne will show some of her work with contemporary wet plate collodion portraits.j