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5 years with LIFF

2017 will be the fifth year with Lofoten International Photo Festival.

Lofoten International Photo Festival has, since the beginning in 2013, been an exciting arena for photographers, both local and international, and an engaging audience.

The festival is put to the time of the year when Lofoten shows its most lively side. The daylight has fully returned, the snow is stabile and the famous fishing season is at its peak.

Each year we bring together a wide range of storytellers from near and distant corners of the world and we are convinced that both our visiting guests and locals benefit from this meeting.

Our programme consists of artist talks, screenings, exhibitions and workshops.

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travelling to the festival
To the Lofoten Islands, you can travel to in several ways
Hurtigruten Arrives at Svolvær on both the northbound and southbound each day.
Speed boat Daily departures; Bodø – Skrova – Svolvær
Fly Widerøe flies to Svolvær Airport, 12 km from Kabelvåg
SAS and Norwegian land at Harstad Narvik airport Evenes, three hours by bus from Kabelvåg.
By car If you are driving from the North, there will be no need for ferries Driving from the South, you can use the car ferry from Bodø to Moskenes, or the ferry from Bognes to Lødingen and drive E 10 to Lofoten. See THN for ferries.

Welcome to 177nordland. com
Here you can find bus schedules for Nordland county. You can also call 177. If you are outside the Nordland, call 75 77 24 10.

images from earlier festivals